Yun Helen He

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Staff Member, Scientific Computing Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel:  (510)486-5180
Fax: (510)486-5812
Here is my CV. (please open your browser wide enough)

  Research interests

I investigate how widely used global and regional climate models can be run effectively and efficiently on massively parallel processing supercomputers: design parallel algorithms, develop and implement computing technologies for environmental and earth science applications. Some of my experiences include numerical reproducibility and stability, libraries for coupling distributed components, and MPI/OpenMP hybrid programming. I have also worked on numerical simulation and satellite data analysis for air-sea interactions and global climate. I have a Ph.D. in Marine Studies and an M.S in Computer Information Science, both from University of Delaware.

  Research Projects

I am currently working on a climate project: SciDAC Collaborative Design and Development of the Community Climate System Model. It is a collaborative effort involving NCAR, multiple DOE labs (ANL, LANL, LLNL, LBL, ORNL and PNL), and NASA/DAO. The goal of the project is to provide US researchers with state of the art coupled climate simulation capabilities.

Parallel Climate Models R&D at CRD/LBNL

CCSM Home Page

I am also working with LBNL earth scientists on an LDRD project on the California Water and Energy System.

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