High-Precision Software Directory

Update: 30 August 2018

This web site (see software package links below) contains the LBNL double-double precision, quad-double precision and arbitrary precision (also termed "multiprecision" or "multiple precision") software, which was written over a period of several years by David H. Bailey (formerly at LBNL), Yozo Hida (formerly at U.C. Berkeley), Xiaoye S. Li (LBNL), Brandon Thompson (formerly at U.C. Berkeley), Karthik Jeyabalan (formerly at LBNL) and Alex Kaiser (formerly at LBNL). Please send any comments or questions for this site to:

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*** IMPORTANT NOTE: By downloading or using this software you are affirming your agreement to the terms of the LBNL-BSD license that is in the file LBNL-BSD-License.doc. If you have any questions regarding this license, please contact the LBNL Innovation and Partnerships Office at IPO@lbl.gov.

These software packages are available: