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VACET 2008

"Meet the SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies"
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Scientific Data Management: Essential Technology for Data-Intensive Science (Arie Shoshani)

Meet the SciDAC Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies (Wes Bethel)

Next Generation Optical Infrastructure for the U.S. Research and Education Community (William E. Johnston)

Washington, D.C. Seminar Series, February-June 2005

Finding the Unknown in a Sea of Data: Leveraging Human Intuition with Scientific Visual Data Analysis (Wes Bethel)


Getting the Most out of HPC Networks Using One-Sided Communication (Kathy Yelick)

Large-Scale Performance Analysis Using the BIPS Application Benchmark Suite (Leonid Oliker)

Architecture Characterization using APEX-Map (Erich Strohmaier)

Nanoscience on High Performance Computers: From Methods to Codes to Applications (Andrew Canning)

Cybersecurity for Distributed Science: Fortifying the Front-lines of the Cybersecurity War (Deb Agarwal)

Query-Driven Visualization (Wes Bethel)

ACTS: An Infrastructure for Maintaining DOE Software (Osni Marques and Tony Drummond)


An Overview of the Bro Intrusion Detection System (Brian L. Tierney, Vern Paxson, and James Rothfuss)

Scaling First Principles Materials and Nanoscience Codes to Thousands of Processors (and Thousands of Atoms) (Andrew Canning and Lin-Wang Wang) [PDF]

The SciDAC Scientific Data Management Center: Infrastructure and Results (Arie Shoshani) [PDF]

Science-Driven Visualization: Research Challenges (Wes Bethel) [PDF]

Twelve Ways to Fool the Masses: Back to the Future (David H. Bailey)


The ACTS Collection: Building a Reliable Software Infrastructure for Scientific Computing (Osni Marques and Tony Drummond)

Application Oriented Performance Characterization and Benchmarking (Erich Strohmaier)

The Cosmic Simulator (Daniel Kasen, Peter Nugent, Rollin Thomas, Julian Borrill, Christina Siegerist)

Detailed Simulations of Laboratory-Scale Premixed Turbulent Combustion (Marc Day)

Experimentation in Mathematics: Plausible Reasoning in the 21st Century (David H. Bailey and Jonathan M. Borwein)

Performance Evaluation of the SX6 Vector Architecture for Scientific Computations (Leonid Oliker et al.)

The Performance Evaluation Research Center (PERC) (Erich Strohmeier)

ProteinShop: A Tool for Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling (Silvia Crivelli)

Storage Resource Managers: Essential Components for the Grid (Arie Shoshani et al.)

TOPS @ Berkeley Lab (Esmond G. Ng)

Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes in a High Resolution Version of the Community Atmospheric Model (Michael Wehner, Phil Duffy, and G. Bala)

VisPortal Project: Developer's Experience (C. E. Siegerist et al.)

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