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Researchers Receive INCITE to Restore Earth's Carbon Balance (2-10-10)

Madly Mapping the Universe (2-04-10)

Reaching for the Stars to Create Cosmic Music (1-25-10)

ESnet Gets a Jump on Implementing DNS Security (1-06-10)

Worm's Eye View: Molecular Worm Algorithm Navigates Inside Chemical Labyrinth (1-05-10)


CRD's Juan Meza Elected Fellow of AAAS (12-16-09)

A Superbright Supernova That's the First of Its Kind (12-02-09)

Berkeley Lab, SDSC and UCSD Win SC09 'Storage Challenge' Award (11-25-09)

StarGate Demo at SC09 Shows How to Keep Astrophysics Data Out of Archival "Black Holes" (11-20-09)

New Consortium to Tackle Challenge of Adapting Scientific Applications to Hybrid Multicore Systems

Berkeley Lab Researchers Prepare Climate Community for 100-Gbps Transfers (10-30-09)

B-ISICLES (Berkeley Ice Sheet Initiative for Climate at Extreme Scales) Project to Improve Accuracy of Ice Sheet Models (10-30-09)

Juan Meza Named One of Hispanic Business Magazine's "100 Influentials" (10-6-09)

Computer Code Gives Astrophysicists First Full Simulation of Star's Final Hours (9-22-09)

ESnet Honored as One of Top 10 Government IT Innovators (9-16-09)

ASCR Discovery: Flame Simulations Lift Combustion Energy's Future (9-15-09)

InformationWeek Government Spotlights ESnet as an IT Innovator (9-15-09)

SciDAC Review: Divide and Conquer for TRACTABLE Computations (9-11-09)

SciDAC Review: The MANYCORE Revolution: Will HPC LEAD or FOLLOW? (9-11-09)

SciDAC Review: The Challenge of Energy-Efficient HPC (9-11-09)

SciDAC Review: A Lightning-Fast INDEX Drives Massive DATA Analysis (9-11-09)

CRD Researchers Receive Recovery Act Funds to Help Improve Reliability of Electrical Grid (9-1-09)

AMS Mathematical Moments: Predicting Climate (9-1-09)

CRD Researchers Receive Recovery Act Funds to Help Improve Reliability of Electrical Grid (9-1-09)

CRD Receives Funding to Develop Tools for Science Research (8-31-09)

In the News ( Smashing the Trillion Zone Barrier (8-27-09)

In the News (ASCR Discovery): Code controls communication to boost computer performance (8-27-09)

In the News (ASCR Discovery): Through difficulty, Berkeley Lab's Cecilia Aragon soars to the stars (8-21-09)

Berkeley Lab's ESnet Receives $62 Million to Develop World's Fastest Computer Network (8-10-09)

ESnet's OSCARS Allows Users to Reserve Bandwidth (7-31-09)

Cecilia Aragon Honored with the Presidential Early Career Award (7-10-09)

Green HPC: Horst Simon Helps Sift through the Hype (6-30-09)

Berkeley Lab Scientists Contribute to Major New Report Describing Climate Change Impacts on the U.S. (6-16-09)

ESnet Rolls Out IPv6 Network Management System (6-15-09)

Scientists Demonstrate Tools for Analyzing Massive Datasets (6-11-09)

In the News (ASCR Discovery): Scientists Open Their Eyes to Visualization's Potential (6-3-09)

Deceiphering Science From Laser Particle Accelerators (5-26-09)

IMG Expert Review Goes Primetime: Provides Expert-Driven Quality Control for Microbial Genome Information (5-18-09)

ESnet and NERSC Help Speed Up Data Transfers Between Department of Energy Facilities (5-18-09)

Berkeley Lab Mathematicians among First Group of Fellows Named by Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (5-01-09)

Climate Experts Warn that Short-Term Snapshots of Temperature Data Can Be Misleading (5-01-09)

PerfSONAR Helps Accelerate Big Science Collaborations (4-28-09)

ESnet Connects STAR to Asian Collaborators (4-28-09)

ESnet Wins 2009 Excellence.Gov Award for Effectively Leveraging Technology (4-16-09)

In the News (New York Times): Cool Spells Are Normal in a Warming World (4-6-09)

Berkeley Lab Checkpoint Restart Improves Productivity (3-30-09)

Green Flash Project Runs First Prototype Successfully (3-11-09)

Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing (2-12-09)

In the News (ASCR Discovery): Method Enables Bigger Models of Minuscule Molecular Systems (1-9-09)


In the News (ASCR Discovery): FastBit: Digging through Databases Faster (12-23-08)

A Rising Tide of Cosmic Data: Simulating Planck's Full Focal Plane—and Beyond (12-10-08)

In the News (EE Times text and videos): Intel, Microsoft Launch Parallel Lab (12-1-08)

Integrated Microbial Genomics Reaches Out to Include Human Microbial Communities (12-1-08)

In the News (The Register): RISC Daddy Conjures Moore's Lawless Parallel Universe (11-26-08)

Berkeley Lab Team Wins Special ACM Gordon Bell Prize for Algorithm Innovation (11-24-08)

Networking Leaders Announce Initiative to Develop 100 GbE Services (11-18-08)

ESnet Completes Construction of Dynamic Science Data Network for Researchers (11-17-08)

CRD Method for Understanding Nanostructures Is a Gordon Bell Finalist (11-6-08)

Science Studio: Juan Meza Discusses Computational Mathematics in KTEP Radio Interview (11-3-08)

Princeton Has New High-Speed Connection to ESnet’s Dynamic ESnet4 Network (10-24-08)

Video Explains How ESnet Supports Large Hadron Collider (10-20-08)

After the First Decade of Metagenomics, Adolescent Growth Spurt Anticipated (9-29-08)

In the News (MSNBC): Visualizing the Unseen Forces of Turbulence (9-16-08)

ESnet4 Helps Researchers Seeking the Origins of Matter (9-9-08)

DOE JGI Extends the Capabilities of the Integrated Microbial Genome (IMG) System, Updates the IMG/M Metagenome System, Launches Education Site (9-8-08)

A Computer for the Clouds (8-21-08)

Biochemical Pathways Identified in Microbial Community (8-20-08)

ESnet Names Steve Cotter to Head Network Serving Scientists around the Globe (8-11-08)

Juan Meza Wins 2008 Blackwell-Tapia Prize and SACNAS Distinguished Scientist Award (7-11-08)

FastBit Bitmap Index Wins 2008 R&D 100 Award for Technology Advances (7-9-08)

North America Faces More Extreme Weather from Global Warming (6-19-08)

Berkeley Lab Researchers Propose a New Breed of Supercomputers for Global Climate Predictions (5-5-08)

Code Booster: Award-Winning Research on Code Optimization Explores Multicore Computing (5-5-08)

ESnet's Bill Johnston, Nearing Retirement, Reflects on His Career (4-11-08)

The Greening of High Performance Computing (4-10-08)

Berkeley Lab Researchers Lead Parallel Computing Research Center at UC Berkeley(3-18-08)

Berkeley Lab Climate Researcher Contributes to Two National Reports on Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation (3-17-08)

CRD Researcher Describes Parallel Path (2-25-08)

Vern Paxson Honored for Research Characterizing the Internet (2-21-08)

LBNL Mathematician James Sethian Elected to National Academy of Engineering (2-14-08)

A Modest Proposal for Petascale Computing (2-8-08)

DOE JGI Releases a New Version of Its Metagenome Data Management & Analysis System (2-7-08)


Zinc Oxide Research Ranked Among Most-Accessed Papers in Nano Letters (12-14-07)

Latest Release of Microbial Genome Data Management System Includes a Total of 3,637 Genomes (12-4-07)

Ernest Szeto Co-Authors Metagenomic Analysis of Termite Gut Microbes (11-26-07)

Berkeley Lab Researchers Win Best Poster Awards at SC07 and IEEE VAST 2007 (11-16-07)

ESnet, Internet2 Complete Coast-to-Coast Next-Generation Network in Support of DOE Scientific Community (11-15-07)

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Shares Expertise at SC07 (11-8-07)

ESnet4 Rolls Out New Cross-Country 10 Gbps Network (9-28-07)

Lab Team Helping Smooth Flow of Water Data (3-16-07)

Star-Gazing Across an Ocean: the Keck Remote Observing Facility (3-16-07)

Evaluating Application Performance on Big Iron (3-8-07)

Confronting Parallelism: The View from Berkeley (3-2-07)

JGI and BDMTC Upgrade IMG/M, the Metagenomics Data Management & Analysis System (1-22-07)

CRD Nanoscience Project Awarded 1.5 Million Hours under DOE INCITE Program (1-8-07)


CRD's Paul Concus Receives AIAA Space Processing Award (12-6-06)

DOE JGI Releases IMG 2.0 with all Genomes Refreshed from RefSeq (12-1-06)

Berkeley Lab to Showcase HPC and Networking Leadership in Talks, Demos at SC06 Conference (11-10-06)

The Software Challenges of Petascale Computing (11-10-06)

The Yin and Yang of Understanding Data (11-03-06)

LBNL to Lead Five Projects, Partner in Eight Others under DOE's Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Program (9-7-06)

Berkeley Lab Researchers Analyze Performance, Potential of Cell Processor (5-30-06)

New Microbial Metagenome Data Analysis System Producing Results, Stirring Interest (5-30-06)

Enron Email Database Proves Easy Pickings for LBNL's FastBit Search Technology (4-4-06)

Experimental Metagenomics Data Management and Analysis System Is Released (3-30-06)


CRD's Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt Wins Timoshenko Medal for Applied Mechanics (11-14-05)

Berkeley Lab's John Bell Receives 2005 Sidney Fernbach Award for Outstanding Contributions to High Performance Computing (11-7-05)

LBNL's Biological Data Management and Technology Center Joins California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research (8-8-05)

Groundbreaking Combustion Research by LBNL Featured on Cover of Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (7-19-05)

Berkeley Lab to Host Sixth Workshop on the DOE Advanced CompuTational Software (ACTS) Collection for HPC Applications (4-13-05)

Joint Genome Institute and Biological Data Management and Technology Center Launch Powerful Data Management System for Microbes (3-4-05)

Washington, D.C. Seminar Series to Highlight Current Scientific Computing Issues (2-15-05)


Kathy Yelick Named Leader of Berkeley Lab's New Berkeley Institute for Performance Studies (BIPS) (11-8-04)

Tuning the Nanoworld: New Methods for Constructing Nanostructures and Calculating Their Electronic States (7-7-04)

Heidelberg Talk Tells How to "Fool the Masses" (6-29-04)

LBNL's Erich Strohmaier to Share HPC Performance Expertise at Conferences (5-10-04)

Lab to Host Fifth Workshop on the DOE Advanced Computational Software Collection, August 24-27 (4-26-04)

Berkeley Lab Computational Scientist Phil Colella Elected to National Academy of Sciences (4-20-04)

Victor Markowitz Returns to LBNL to Head Bio Data Management Center (2-2-04)

Berkeley Lab Mathematician James Sethian Receives Prestigious Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics (1-27-04)


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to Showcase Computing, Grids Expertise at SC2003 Conference (11-10-03)

Improved Algorithm Speeds Up Fusion Code by a Factor of 5 (9-2-03)

Two Berkeley Lab Mathematicians Honored for Contributions to Computational Science and Engineering (6-9-03)

Fourth Workshop on the DOE Advanced Computational Software Collection (5-9-03)

Envisioning the Grid: The Wizards of Viz (1-29-03)


Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Leads International Team to Win High-Performance Computing Bandwidth Challenge (11-25-02)

Berkeley Lab’s RAGE Telepresence Robot Captures R&D100 Award (7-2-02)

Berkeley Lab Mathematician Alexandre Chorin Awarded Prestigious "University Professor" Honor by UC Regents (2-11-02)

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